Decorate a living room

Living rooms are like the CV of your home. They give the first impression to visitors, and also have the ability to set the mood of both visitors or residents coming in. You should give its design nothing but your best shot.

Decorating your home

Most of us end up clueless at the first thought of decorating our living room, and rightfully so. In the real sense, it is overwhelming, and the thought of where to put all the pieces together and how they end up looking is a battle of its own. After this, you have to figure out a lot of other stuff like the paint colours, how to fit in the furniture you already have and what to purchase as extras.

The bottom line is you have a lot of work and one that would normally require expertise. However, by following the steps in this article, what you touch just might become gold or silver at worst.

Tips on how to decorate a living room

As a bedroom, decorating your living room the right way is all about making the right choices. Follow these tips to learn the rudiments:

The place of furniture

Although it seems you can choose to place them anywhere, the exact locations you choose for your furniture determine the beauty of your living room to a large extent. Transcend the generic act of pushing sofas against a wall, and others randomly around. Instead, create conversation areas and consider traffic flow in your placement.

The beauty of area rugs

Area rugs are pretty common and well adopted due to the undeniable beauty they bring. However, you have to get little facts like the suitable size for your room, and the best location too. All the furniture should sit on the rug, with about 10 to 20 inches of bare floor separating the rug from the room’s walls.

The power of art

Arts have a way of bringing its unique beauty to the living room. It does not need to be expensive, fascinating, or even too plenty. Instead, focus on other stuff like positioning, arrangement, and proper hanging.


Lighting is the aspect that is both simple and complex at the same time. It is, however, more complex in the living room. Most importantly, you should include an accent, task, and ambient light, distributing across the room. Overhead chandeliers, tables, and floor lamps also make good additions.

Wall colours

Of course, the paint colours play a major role in the overall outcome of your living room. It should blend with the furniture and art colour for the best performance.

Living room decoration is relatively easy as long as you know what to do.